Schedule of Availability of Service:

            Monday to Friday

                8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (cut-off for Multi-dose)

 Who may avail the Service:

  1. Travelers going to countries with risk for Yellow Fever Transmission
  2. Those seafarers required by their company to have the vaccination

 What are the Basic Requirements:

  1. Duly accomplished Data Form and Yellow Fever Questionnaire and Waiver Form
  2. Vaccination Fee: Php 1,500.00 (Multi-dose)

                                  Php 2,000.00 (Single dose)


                25 minutes

How to Avail of the Service:

Step Applicant/ Client Service Provider Duration of Activity 

(Under Normal Circumstances)

Person in Charge Fees Form
1 Fill-out Data Form and Yellow Fever Questionnaire and Waiver Form Provides queuing number to the client; 

Check the correctness of the forms filled-out

2 minutes Designated Personnel   Data Form 


Yellow Fever Questionnaire and Waiver Form

2 Answer necessary questions regarding their health status Screening for any contraindications prior to vaccination i.e. allergies, 60 years old and above, children less than one (1) year old and people with severe immunodeficiency due to HIV/AIDS or other diseases; Referral to the QMO on duty, if client has contraindication/ for further evaluation; Verification of information provided in the data form; Health education 6 minutes Screening Nurse   Data Form 


Yellow Fever Questionnaire and Waiver Form

3 Submit the Yellow Fever Questionnaire and Waiver Form to the nurse; prepares the administration site Re-validation of the requested vaccine; 

Re-validation of any contraindications and medical conditions; Prepares the vaccine; Administration of vaccines on appropriate route.

Administering nurse to sign and secure the Vaccine Questionnaire and Waiver Form

6 minutes Vaccination Nurse   Yellow Fever Questionnaire and Waiver Form
4 Pay to the cashier and claim official receipt Process payment and issue Official Receipt 1 minute Cashier P1,500.00 (Multi-dose) 


P2,000.00 (Single dose)

Official Receipt
5 Submit Data Form Validation of payment; 

Verification and encoding of information provided in the ICV;

Printing of International Certificate of Vaccination, for QMO’s signature;

Encoding of client’s data in the record


3 minutes Admin. Staff (Encoder)   Official Receipt 


Data Form


International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV)

6 Claim International Certificate of Vaccination Signing of the International Certificate of Vaccination; 

Observation of any Adverse Effect Following Vaccination (AEFV);

Health Education or advisories

7 minutes Quarantine Medical Officer   International Certificate of Vaccination


Note: The 25-minute processing time is for one client being served at one time. The time is extended when there are two or more clients.

            For those availing multi-dose during cut-off, the administration will depend on the number of clients who will avail the vaccine (1 ampule=10 person)