Department of Health


The leader of health for all in the Philippines


Guarantee equitable, sustainable, and quality health for all Filipinos, especially the poor, and to lead the quest for excellence in health.


Bureau of Quarantine



A world class bureau for local and international health surveillance in the prevention of global spread of diseases.



To prevent international spread of diseases of global impact with minimum interference to international travel and trade through:

  • Effective surveillance and control measures on infectious diseases and other health concerns with global impact through local and international networking. 
  • Strong and comprehensive national sanitation programs in all points of entry in partnership with local counterparts.
  • Partnerships in research and development.


      Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Dedication to the Job
  • Responsiveness to Needs of Clients
  • Excellence


      Quality Policy

The Bureau of Quarantine as a world class bureau for local and international health surveillance commits to ensure the prevention of global spread of infectious diseases by way of early detection, effective surveillance, and strong sanitation program.

We commit to provide world class services through thorough screening, monitoring and implementation of quarantine protocols at all ports of entry with proper infection control measures in adherence with statutory and regulatory standards at par with its international public health border regulation counterparts.

We adhere to our core values of integrity, dependability, dedication to the job, responsiveness to needs of clients, and excellence in our commitment to serve the clientele and stakeholders and to continually
improve and innovate to exceed client expectations.