Products and Services  Description  Validity Fees and Charges
Yellow Fever Given to travelers going to Africa, South America. An International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV) shall be issued after administration of the vaccination. A waiver certificate is issued to travelers who are allergic to Yellow Fever vaccine. You may have your vaccination at the Bureau of Quarantine office in Manila, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao. 10 years  P1,500.00
(Multi-dose vial)P2,000.00
(Single dose vial)
Cholera vaccination Per WHO mandate, cholera vaccination is no longer required for international travel.
This is given to travelers upon request by the individual concerned or by the placement or travel agency. Oral Cholera (Dukoral) is given in two (2) doses at one – week interval. The vaccine is available in certain drugstores outside the BOQ office.
2 years P300.00
Validation Fee
Typhoid vaccination  To be administered upon request by the traveler or work or placement agency, Typhim or Typherex is available in drugstores outside the BOQ office. 1 year  P300.00
Validation Fee
Duplicate Certificate Shall be issued to replace lost ICVs.  P300.00