I.  Medical Examination of Aliens/Immigrants

Who are required to undergo medical examination:

  • Aliens and immigrants applying for immigration or residency in the Philippines
  • Foreign students
  • Foreign missionaries
  • Pre-arranged employees
  • Foreign investors
  • Returning residents/balikbayans
 Examination  Fees and Charges
Physical Examination & Document Fee P500.00
Chest X-ray P400.00
Serological Test (VDRL/RPR) P300.00
Routine Fecalysis P200.00
Routine Urinalysis P200.00
Certification for Board of Investment P1,000.00
Other examinations maybe required
Please bring your Vaccination Record (Yellow Fever and Polio)

II. Medical Examination of Stewards and Food handlers (Local)

Who are these stewards and food handlers?

  • Stewards of inter-island vessels
  • Food handlers of Food Service Establishments within the port & airport areas
  • Food handlers of Catering Points (SkyKitchen Phils. Inc., Macroasia Catering Services, Miascor Catering Services Corp., Manila Catering Corp., Miascor Clark Catering Services Corp., Cebu Pacific Catering Services – Cebu)
Examination  Fees and Charges
Physical Examination & Document Fee P300.00
Chest X-ray P200.00
Serological Test (VDRL/RPR) P200.00
Routine Fecalysis P100.00
Routine Urinalysis P100.00
Seminar Fee P300.00
Health Sanitation Certificate (Food Service Establishment) P300.00

III. Laboratory Section

 Service  Description  Fees and Charges
Bacteriological examination for water P1,000.00
Examination of marine products and foodstuffs for export for Cholera Vibrio This examination is conducted for marine products and foodstuffs for export sent to importing countries that require Quarantine Clearance). P1,200.00
HACCP Audit  of Catering Points (Quarterly) Include the following:
1. Review of documents
2. Sanitary inspection & verification of implementation
3. Water sampling for bacteriological examination
4. Food sampling for bacteriological examination
P25,000.00 per Catering Point