I. Inspection and clearance of ocean-going vessels & cargoes

  • All vessels coming from foreign ports are inspected upon entry
  • A vessel cleared in one port is deemed cleared for all other ports in the country except when a communicable disease occur on board
  • Quarantine inspection is done only by a Quarantine Medical Officer and his duly accredited assistant/s

Clearances issued after inspection:

1. Free Pratique

2. Provisional Pratique

3. Controlled Free Pratique

4. Radio Pratique

II. Inspection of International Aircraft

  • All aircraft from foreign airports are inspected
  • Quarantine inspections are done only by Quarantine Medical Officers and his duly accredited assistant/s.
  • A General Declaration should be available during quarantine inspection.
  • Outgoing Quarantine Clearance is required before departure of the aircraft.
  • Embarkation of persons with communicable disease is prohibited except when transported in an aircraft specially used for that purpose.