I. Inspection of cargoes infested with vectors of plague

  • Interisland vessels
  • Oceangoing vessels
  • Government vessels

Fumigation of vessels is done once every six months pursuant to  Quarantine Rules and Regulations.

II. Issuance of Certificates

  • Ship Sanitation Control Certificate
  • Ship Sanitation Exemption Certificate
  • Ship Sanitation Extension Certificate

Certificate  Local Registered  Foreign Registered
 Ship Sanitation Control Certificate  P1,500.00  P2,000.00
 Ship Sanitation Extension Certificate  P1,000.00  P1,500.00
 Ship Sanitation Exemption Certificate:
      Vessel 1,000 tons or less  P1,500.00  P3,000.00
      Vessel 1,001 tons to 2,000 tons  P2,000.00  P3,500.00
      Vessel 2,001 tons to 3,000 tons  P2,500.00  P4,000.00
      Vessel 3,001 tons to 4,000 tons  P3,000.00  P4,500.00