Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday to Friday

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. without noon break

 Who May Avail of the Service:

Exporters; Export Manager; Forwarders

What are the Requirements:

  1. Fully accomplished Laboratory examination request form. The application form should have the following informations; Date of examination request; Exporters’ name, address and contact details, name of consignee and destination. It should also specify the type of foodstuff submitted, origin of the sample, weight, size of shipment (in kilos) and the date of loading.
  2. Sampling requirements:
  • Food samples must be approved according to the following:
  • Proper and appropriate packaging and product labeling
  • Representative sample accurate to the actual food for export
  • Representative sample should be 0.01%% of the total lot of food for export
  1. Payment of corresponding laboratory fee of Php 1,200.00 per commodity
  2. Quarantine Clearance Certificate downloaded at should be submitted to the laboratory after 3 working days together with the official receipt.
  • Five (5) copies of original documents printed on Pdf file
  • Colored, printed on long bond paper (8.5X14”)