Frequently Asked Questions on the Issuance of Medical Clearance For Employment and Visa Purposes

Q: How do i get schedule for medical clearance/ Health Certificate?
You need to book an appointment and go to the Physical Examination.
*Also keep posted for any change at BOQ’s website

Q: What are the needed requirements for Foreign Medical Clearance?

1. Confirmation Receipt of Booking on Online Appointment
2. Three (3) fully accomplished BOQ PE Form1: Medical Examination for Foreign Applicants (To be filled up at BOQ)
3. Three (3) latest 2×2 ID Picture with White Background
4. One (1) Original and two (2) photocopies of the Laboratory (Urinalysis, Fecalysis, RPR: Serology) and Chest X-Ray result (Including X-ray Film/CD) taken within last six (6) months.

  *These services are available at BOQ except Malaria Test.

  • Vaccine Certificate of Yellow Fever and Polio for selected countries
  • Malaria Test for selected countries
  • Original Passport

Q: How about the local applicants, what are the requirements?

1. Confirmation Receipt from Online Booking
2. One (1) Fully Accomplished BOQ PE Form 2: Medical Exam for Local Applicants (To be filled up at BOQ)
3. 1×1 ID Picture with White Background (Three (3) pieces for New Application and Two (2) pieces for Renewal)
4. Previous Health Card (For Renewal Only)
5. Required Laboratory tests and Chest X-ray (Must be taken within six (6) months)

  *These services are available at BOQ

*Additional requirements for New Applicants:

  • Endorsement Letter from their Company
  • Undergo Seminar as scheduled by BOQ for the Certificate of Training on Food Safety and Hygiene

Q: Do I need to go personally on the schedule appointment?
Yes, Physical Examination will be done by the Quarantine Medical Officer.

Q: What if I fail to come on my scheduled appointment, can I be re-scheduled?
Yes, you may re-schedule your appointment, go back to your original appointment and go to re-schedule site.

Q: I made a booking mistake, can I get a refund?
A: The terms and agreement state that entering incorrect information may result in your payment being forfeited.