IB No. PB-2019-10

30 October 2019/10:00 AM/ Mini-Conference Room 2nd Floor




  1. Alexander M. Oba BAC Chairperson
  2. Redentor Licuanan BAC Member
  3. Ada Mesa BAC Member
  4. Rio Garcia BAC Secretariat
  5. Grace Prudente BAC Secretariat
  6. Maryjane Malooy BAC Secretariat
  7. Jessel Bestudio BAC Secretariat
  8. Risty Singson                                 TWG Member
  9. Jesua Maquilang                                 End-User Representative
  10. Maulrain Mateo BPR Enterprise Representative
  11. Francisco Dela Cruz                                 BPR Enterprise Representative
  12. Paola Norial Alog and Company, Inc. Rep.



  1. Meeting started at 10:00AM.
  2. Provisions of the Bidding Documents were discussed and clarified. 
  3. Invitation to Bid


Item Discussion Agreement
5 Prospective bidders asked if they will still pay for the bidding documents BAC decided that prospective bidders will pay for the bidding documents


  1. Bid Data Sheet


Lot Discussion Agreement
1-4 No changes/ clarification  


  1. Schedule of Requirements


Lot Discussion Agreement
1-4 No changes/ clarification  


  1. Technical Specifications


Lot Discussion Agreement
2 Deltamethrin 2.5 wetable powder (wp) 40grms. Deltamethrin 2.5 wettable powder (wp) 40grms.



  1. It was announced that all requests for clarification/s must be submitted at least 10 cd before bid opening and all revisions made to the Bid Documents will be posted thru a bid bulletin.


  1. Having no other matters to be discussed, the Pre-Bid Conference was adjourned at 10:45AM.


     For guidance and information of all concerned.