Frequently Asked Questions:

A. General questions about quarantine.

  1.  I see by the website that the process only takes about 20 minutes to get a certificate of quarantine from your office. What are the timelines for traveling with the remains once the permit if approved.

          The Quarantine Permit has no validity/expiration, but we recommend to proceed with the application 5 days before the remains will be traveled.

     2.  I would like to clarify if Yellow Fever vaccine is still required since my destination is in Durban which is not included from the place where Yellow Fever is endemic. Please see snap shot below for the list of location where Yellow Fever is endemic.

          Please refer to WHO IHR (2005) Annex I or visit Country list1 Yellow fever vaccination requirements and recommendations; malaria situation; and other vaccination requirements.

     3.  Hi good day, I want to update my details in the Health Declaration Card, how can i do this?

         You may email your updated details to the Surveillance Section ( so we can update your contact information.

B. Polio

       1.  Are you open during Holidays?

            No, we are not, but it depends on the situation.  There were times that we were open during Holidays.  You have to refer to the advisory at the website.  

      2.  Which countries require Polio certificates?

  1. Indonesia
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Taiwan

          If more than 4 weeks stay on said countries, please check appropriate embassies or travel agencies.

       3.  Is the international certificate of vaccination for polio a mandatory requirement upon entry to the United States?
            No, but just to be sure, always check at the U.S. Embassy.

       4.  Hi Ma’am/Sir I would like to inquire about polio vaccine.
             a. Where can get our polio vaccine?

                  You can get your polio vaccine at the Bureau of Quarantine or at any healthcare facility.  Just have the doctor write you up a certificate as proof of vaccination with the following details: Doctor’s name, Date of vaccination, Lot no., Brand name/Manufacturer.

             b. When can we schedule for the vaccine and how much to get the vaccine certification?

                ICV is Php300.00.  Click this link to go to Immunization Services.

             c. Days open and work hours?

                 We are open 5 days a week, from 8:00am to 5:00pm, except holidays.  Keep posted in this website as from time to time, we can open on Holidays.

C. Corona-virus

  1. I am an OFW.  We just saw the press release of DOH that any Filipino’s from China who wants to go home will be Quarantined for 14 days. Is this info true? From any Cities in China? Or only specific City like Wuhan?

          Yes, all travelers coming from China, Hong-Kong and Macau SAR are BANNED from entering the Philippines, EXCEPT for Filipinos and holder of permanent resident visas, provided they undergo 14 days quarantine period at home.  They have to report at their respective “punong-barangays” during the quarantine period.  AND ONLY THOSE PASSENGERS COMING FROM THESE PLACES WILL BE QUARANTINED.

      2.  I would ask if all Filipinos coming from Singapore will be subject for 14 days quarantine even without fever?

          No, since Singapore is not covered by the Presidential Directive of travel ban to the Philippines.  

     3.  What are the COVID-affected countries?

  1. China (Including Hong-Kong, Macau)
  2. Japan
  3. South Korea
  4. Australia
  5. Malaysia
  6. Vietnam
  7. Philippines
  8. Cambodia
  9. Thailand
  10. India
  11. Nepal
  12. Sri Lanka
  13. USA
  14. Canada
  15. Italy
  16. Germany
  17. France
  18. UK
  19. Russia
  20. Spain
  21. Belgium
  22. Finland
  23. Israel
  24. Sweden
  25. Iran
  26. UAE
  27. Kuwait
  28. Egypt
  29. Lebanon

4.  Countries affected by the travel restrictions as per Presidential Directive on February 2, 2020.

  1. China
  2. Hong-Kong SAR
  3. Macau SAR
  4. Province of North Gyeongsang, Daegu City, and Cheongdo City (South Korea)

5.  What is Home Quarantine?

     This is the voluntary “home isolation” of individuals, without signs and symptoms, who came from COVID-affected countries for the past 14 days.  For the WHO Guidelines on Home Quarantine, please refer to their website.

6.  We had to cancel our flight and rebook with another airline that accommodated a direct flight back.  We now need confirmation so we can advise our travel insurance that these travel restrictions were in place at the time of our travel. 

  • Please refer to the President’s Directive banning all flights to China (February 2, 2020).  
  • DOH – Memorandum Circular 2020-0009
  • Office of the President – Joint Resolution No. 2 (S. 2020) dated January 31, 2020.  Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease (Task-Force)
    • Subject: Guidelines for the Management of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Acute Respiratory Disease Situation.

7.  The purpose of my letter is to reach out to you and ask if you allow a shorter number of quarantine days for a non-OFW if the purpose of my visit is to see my father who is sick in the hospital.  My father is currently admitted at Makati Medical Center and I just arrived today from San Francisco to take care of him since my mother cannot take care of him fulltime in the hospital as she is also taking care of her medical needs (she is a dialysis patient).  Thus leaving my father in the care of our house helper when my mom is having her dialysis session.  Hoping to hear back from you.

Early swab/shortening the quarantine period is not possible with reference to the current protocol being implemented. What we can do is to help facilitate your appeal for exemption, to process your request, kindly visit the link below and complete the necessary details (per person):
Please also attach the following. 
1. Letter of Intent
2. LGU acceptance letter
3. Latest RT-PCR result
4. Any supporting documents
Please note that this request is for LGU and COVID-19 National Task Force (NTF) approval. For follow ups, you may reach them at and (8)928-0460
8.  I am inquiring regarding the 7 days quarantine policy if still in placed?
I would like to visit my elderly parents in the Philippines and to check their welfare.  I already have my vaccine and I’m willing to take a covit test at the airport. Can we be released  out of the hotel (accredited hotel) upon receiving a negative result on the 2nd day?  Please confirm, so we can make flight arrangement ASAP.
Thank you.

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

9.  I am a Filipina married to an Indian citizen with three young children with Indian passports.  We are planning to visit our family this April with visa being processed for them now.  We understand that there is a mandatory quarantine.  Can you please just confirm the following for our understanding please:
1.  How many days do we need to book accredited hotel for the quarantine period?
2.  Can our family of five stay in one hotel room with 2bedroom perhaps instead of 2 different hotel rooms? 
As you can imagine it will be tough to manage 3yr lld, 2yr old and 6month old children
3.  Do we need to get a special permit for our family to stay in one hotel room?
Please let us know as soon as possible to book hotel needed for the quarantine 
You should book for a minimum of 7 days as per IATF Resolution No. 97. However, please be informed that the arrangement you are requesting is strongly being discouraged as this would put your family at risk of exposure. Should you proceed with the arrangement, please acknowledge the risks that should one of you turn out to be COVID-19 positive, you will be brought by the BOQ Personnel to an Isolation Facility for monitoring and treatment.


10. I am traveling from Port Moresby to Manila and going to Davao. Is it possible to get a Quarantine exception of Manila-based on my RT- PCR test which would be completed at Portmoresby 24 hr before flying.   My Purpose in traveling is to visit my Filipino spouse and son based in Davao. I am an Indian national holding an Indian passport but currency staying in port Moresby for the last four years.

The current protocol for all arriving international passengers at Ports and Airports requires the quarantine and mandatory RT PCR test on the 6th day upon arrival.  Please see protocols.

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

11.  Are married couples allowed to stay in the same hotel room during the mandatory quarantine period of 7 nights? We are planning to visit this May from the US.

The protocol requires for one room per individual set up.
12.  My concern is about the hotel.  Should i booking the hotel or when i get the airport and i will pay? 
It is recommended to book a hotel prior to your arrival. Please click this link for the list of accredited hotels.
Please check website regularly as it is updated constantly.
13.  Good day! I am writing on behalf of Mr. John Doe with Specimen number 21-CVD-XXXXXX. He is requesting for the said clearance as he has already tested negative for Covid 19 but unfortunately as of this writing it has not been given to him. He his humbly asking for your assistance as the bill for his hotel is already piling up, thus incurring unwanted/ extra expense on his part.


We understand that this bureau has a lot of people that is currently monitoring over because of the pandemic but we are humbly asking that Mr. John Doe clearance be given as soon as possible so he could avoid entailing further unwarranted expense as his hard earned income is slowly diminishing day by day at the hotel.

For issuance of quarantine certificate, please fill up the following details completely and honestly in CAPITAL LETTERS:

Complete Name Including MIDDLE NAME:

Complete PHILIPPINE HOME Address:

Complete HOTEL NAME and Adrress:

Country of Origin:

Date of Arrival to the Philippines:

Number of Quarantine days:

Kindly attach photos/screenshots of all your PCR SWAB RESULTS CERTIFICATE WITH COLLECTION DATEASAP and provide the PDF FILEpassword if necessary for confirmation purposes.

Email it to: BOQ Quarantine Certificate Help Desk (