eFOI stands for electronic Freedom of Information

The eFOI portal (http://foi.gov.ph)

The efFOI of the Department of Health (https://www.foi.gov.ph/requests?agency=DOH)

  • central platform for citizens and govt agencies to facilitate online FOI requests
  • provides a tracking system for citizens to follow their lodged requests
  • provides statistics on all online FOI requests, the response time, and the outcomes

eFOI for FOI Receving Officer:


  • conduct initial evaluation of requests
  • accept if complete form with corresponding attachments
    • then forward to FDM
  • deny requests due to:
    • incomplete form/for clarification
    • if info already available online (provide link)
    • wrong agency
    • request has already been addressed

eFOI for FOI Decision-Makers:


  • conduct evaluation of requests
  • ask for clarification
  • grant request if info is available and can be disclosed
  • deny request if:
    • wrong agency
    • info violates the Data Privacy Act
    • info falls under the Exceptions List
    • request has already been addressed

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