The Bureau of Quarantine (BoQ) has taking every opportunity to improve its services as it gears to be country’s prime travel medicine bureau. The BoQ has been known to be the solely WHO authorized in the country to administer Yellow Fever vaccine and issue International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV) to international travelers. The Bureau’s vaccination section has been awarded with Presidential citations and recognitions for its efficient service to the public.

As the increase in travel and trade has become significant in public health security, the BoQ initiated to put Yellow Fever vaccine services at higher bar of excellence.

This time, they – travelers availing Yellow Fever vaccine service, have the option to schedule an appointment and pay corresponding fees online. Travelers need not to worry of the traffic jams to go first in the line, or queue in long lines and wait for more than 30 minutes to get their Yellow Fever vaccine done. They just need to go online and schedule and appointment in their convenient time. The service will be made easy, fast and convenient.

This innovation has been supported by the Office for Health Regulations’ Usec. Mario C. Villaverde, and the Bureau of Quarantine staff headed by Director Ferdinand Salcedo.

In line with the DOH’s making health services accessible and available to the public, BoQ Yellow Fever vaccine services in Manila will be going online soon.


The BoQ Innovation Team with the former Undersecretary Agnette Peralta of the Office for Health Regulation

The BoQ Innovation Team together with other DOH Innovation Teams under the Office for Health Regulation

The BoQ Innovation Team consist of (from left) Dr. Carlo Dela Reyna, Dr. Noreen Espero, Ms. Ma. Luisa Villavicencio (as end-user), Director Ferdinand Salcedo, Mr. Emmanuel Buhat III and Mr. Abraham Ignacio Jr. The team’s first project is to improve service delivery of the yellow fever vaccine in the Bureau.

Dr. Carlo Dela Reyna presenting the BoQ Innovation Team’s Quarantine Quality Queue proposal to former Undersecretary Agnette Peralta.